Company IntroductionImageDT is an AI technology company committed to becoming the leader of AI business services in the global retail and consumer goods industry. Based on AI and Big Data technology, the company has built three product lines of Smart Execution, Smart Compass and Smart Choice, providing services such as offline channel management, intelligent network management and sales forecast analysis for retail and consumer goods enterprises, helping enterprises establish a one-stop digital closed-loop platform for Omni channel sales and win the victory of retail digitalization.

Since ImageDT start business in 2016, it has obtained a total of 5 rounds of investment from top venture capital institutions such as Sequoia, Eminence Ventures, Zhen Fund, Starquest capital, Volcanics Ventures, Sinovation Ventures and Cathay Capital, and has established three barriers of technology, data and business in the industry. The company has self-developed Retail-Net and Commodity fingerprint, accumulated millions of SKU-level data label platform, and has helped more than 30 domestic and foreign consumer goods enterprises in food, beverage, daily necessities, toiletries, maternal and infant, medicine, health care, digital, tobacco and other industries to achieve performance growth.
Guo Yishi | Abe
Wang Qin | Cherry
Co-founder & CEO
Liang Zhujin | Jim
Huang Xingyong | Jerry
  • Second venture, AI and big data experts, Guangzhou innovative and entrepreneurial talents.
  • Abe founded a big data company Study Story in 2015, which builds an enterprise service system and provides big data services to hundreds of companies. The company listed on the New Third Board after a merger.
  • He graduated from Sun Yat-sen University and was a visiting scholar at Indiana University.
  • Experienced channel expert in FMCG.
  • Former Trax China Sales Director, Cherry also has served in Unilever, Wrigley, Mead Johnson and other MNCs as a channel professionals.
  • She has more than ten years experience of channel sales and management in FMCG industry. Cherry has managed successfully hundred millions of business order every year.
  • Graduated from Jilin University.
  • Master degree of Sun Yat-sen University, 10 years experience in image processing and AI field.
  • Jim was in charge of face direction in AI unicorn Horizon Robot and was a delivery expert with many large-scale projects experience.
  • Building up a 70 + team from bottom, he was the technical team leader of machine learning in Huanju Group which is a listed company serving 520 million users per month.
  • 20 years experience of world top 500 FMCG and consulting companies.
  • Jerry used to be a consulting partner of Kanter Great China.
  • A senior marketing and channel strategy consultant, a expert of marketing strategy, retail and channel planning, customer insight and category innovation.
  • Business Administration Master and Economics Bachelor of Shanghai Jiaotong University.
  • 2016

  • 2016/11

    ImageDT officially established

  • 2017

  • 2017/1

    The big data product of FMCG image (1.0) online

  • 2017/7

    ImageDT completed the angel round of financing, Eminence Ventures led the investment and former Ctrip CTO Ye Yaming personally follow voted

  • 2017/11

    ImageDT signed Mead Johnson, China's first fast-moving real-time shelf identification project

  • 2018

  • 2018/2

    ImageDT completed the PreA round of financing, ZhenFund led the investment, Eminence Ventures and Sinovation Ventures follow voted

  • 2018/6

    ImageDT received the “Most Potential Smart Retail Service Provider Award” from the China Omni-Channel Retailing Summit

  • 2018/7

    ImageDT completed the A round of financing, Sequoia Capital led the investment, ZhenFund and Volcanics Ventures follow voted.

  • 2018/8

    ImageDT was selected for Microsoft Accelerator

  • 2018/9

    ImageDT unveiled at the World Artificial Intelligence Conference

  • 2018/9

    ImageDT unveiled at Smart Retail Conference

  • 2018/11

    ImageDT debuted at the 2018 China Finance Summit Winter Forum and won the "Most Growth Company of the Year"

  • 2019

  • 2019/1

    ImageDT won the MACHINE INTELLIGENCE's 30 most innovative AI products / solutions

  • 2019/3

    ImageDT was selected for the NVIDIA Accelerator

  • 2019/4

    ImageDT complete A+ round of financing, Starquest Capital led the investment, Volcanics Ventures follow voted

  • 2019/8

    ImageDT won the aword by Fsat Company

  • 2019/11

    ImageDT won the aword by Deloitte

  • 2019/12

    ImageDT won the aword by Cyzone

  • 2020

  • 2020/3

    Smart Compass launched

  • 2020/6

    The paper was selected into EVVC2020

  • 2020/8

    KPMG Award

  • 2020/10

    B round founding, invested by Cathay Capital

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