Smart Execution
one picture fully insight retail performance
Data Acquisition
Data Acquisition
Using app to take pictures of shelves is easy to operate. Once the photos are taken, thousands of information can be automatically identified
Data Visualization
Data Visualization
The national store Dashboard enables business departments to access KPI analysis reports of various channels in the country in real time
Data Insight
Data Insight
Summarize the business data and output the business insight hidden behind the data
  • Perfect store: Distribution / Display / Promotion / Price / AI store assistant
  • Promotion verification: Promotion execution / POSM / Promotion Price / Tracking activities by schedule
Data Application
Data Application
Powerful data power to achieve efficient empowerment
  • KA contract execution and tracking: Main shelf / Secondary display / Contract management process
  • Channel cost management: Contract / Invoice / main shelf / AI automatic verification to prevent cheating
Leading Technology
Leading Technology
Create industry-leading technology and create value with technology
  • Panoramic Stitching restore the entire shelf
  • Commodity fingerprint rapid modeling, unique fingerprints for each product
Smart Compass
the first intelligent service integrated with real 'People', 'Product' and 'Place'
Dynamic screen of national physical channel map system - multi dimensional presentation of region, city, channel and category
  • Complete store screening
  • Status of goods in store
  • Outlet attraction evaluation
  • Store value comparison
  • National Urban coverage plan
Combination of AI and Big data technology to create Omni channel cognition
  • Store check guide
  • Store operation check
  • Channel distribution
  • Opportunities in cities and business districts
Combine multi-channel data with existing business and strategy to identify high potential channel opportunities
  • full portrait of offline insight
  • create a Complete Channel Outlet Database
  • Blank network mining
  • Understand Store Level Real Competition
  • Develop Channel Operation Strategy
Smart Choice
make business easier and smarter
Execution achieved
  • Optimize execution through data
  • Improve consumer participation satisfaction
Increase sales
  • Best commodity display space
  • Insight into consumer behavior and preferences
  • Improve channel profitability
  • Multi means to increase sales
Grab market share
  • Win the competition
  • Insight into business opportunities
  • Increase market share
  • Strong brand power
Strategy optimization
  • Distribution and selection optimization
  • Display optimization
  • Promotion strategy optimization
  • Price strategy optimization