Is the package updated frequently?
  • Updating every product requires machine training modeling.
  • New product / the new package launch urgently and cannot be studied in advance.
Too many SKU of competitors?
  • Too many competing products are monitored.
  • New products launched in competing products are difficult to know.
Is the modeling process difficult?
  • A large amount of training data is required.
  • It requires heavy labeling and parameter adjustment work.

Commodity Fingerprint

For each commodity creation unique "Fingerprints ID "

Massive sharing SKU library
1000 ten thousand + SKU cumulative store
Self-service goods registration
Mobile phone operation you can register items to the database
High efficiency rapid modeling
Modeling period from 30 days shorten to 2 days
Discovery of new products automatic
Explore database, immediately discover new products

Technical Advantages

Process Comparison Under Different Modeling Methods

Composite detector
Multi-scale, multi-network, and adapt to different picture resolutions and scales
Display density algorithm
Ensure return error and adapt to display density of different commodities
Coordinate convolution algorithm
Ensure the accuracy of output coordinates and adapt to different shooting angles
Hierarchical identification network
Multi-level identification, include category / brand / series /SKU anteroposterior surface
Highly generalized expression model
End-to-end algorithm, adapt to massive SKU modeling and rapid modeling of new products
Local fusion algorithm
Strengthen the recognition precision of object occlusion, similar goods